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Memo 1

1 July, 1998

HQ, Brooklyn


Sadly, Headquarters has decided to postpone the 'create a slogan' contest. While we appreciate the input from employees and know that you have all given this little activity a lot of thought, we decided to put the final decision off until later.  We are still committed to the company slogan being created by the people who work here, however.  The slogan idea that garnered the most votes from employees was 'GOING NOWHERE FAST'.  Even with the clever typographic arrangement of 'GOING NOW HERE FAST', it seemed to us at HQ that the deeper meaning of this could be lost on the uninitiated.  We all agree that this slogan is a succinct way of presenting the BPL philosophy of making space equipment that will never get off the ground, however it is a bit of an inside joke.  It doesn't say 'HI! How are ya?!".  We at HQ know you only intended this slogan to present BPL in its best possible light to the outside world, and we're really impressed that you put your hearts and souls into this contest in spite of the cash flow issues we've been having.  And in this context it would be negligent as well as insensitive not to mention the injury that occurred last month.  The afflicted individual is recovering nicely, by the way.  He'll be 'GOING NOWHERE FAST' in no time!
    So, obviously the cutlery set will be held until the winner is finally announced and we can award it to him.  The contest forms will be available if anyone has any new suggestions.  Thanks to you and your families for your patience and great ideas!

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