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20 September, 2005
                                        Department of Ephemera
                                        BPL HQ



I was visiting a museum last weekend and I noticed that an entire exhibit was sponsored by one of our larger aerospace competitors.  From what I could see, everything was essentially reject parts and mocked - up equipment from a dusty storage room put in plastic boxes.  You know, we could do that.  Would give us the opportunity to clean up a bit around here.  It would cost very little and we could get some much needed promoting work done.  However, I think most of the museums would be uninterested in what we have to offer.  But, I was thinking, why not do something radical; how about art?  We could have the exhibition in an art gallery; they will put up just about anything as you know, and perfectly viable people visit galleries, even though they are mostly adults.  Now that I think of it, that kind of demographic might actually be a little more discriminating than a bunch of kids on a class trip; we might have to generate some "substance".  Nonetheless, I think its an idea...
Maybe we can talk about it at lunch-

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