14 November, 1999
                                        Office of Floating Ideas
                                        Department of Wonder
                                        Design Division
                                        BPL HQ, Brooklyn, NY


Thanks for your idea about the 'lever to move the world'.  Without these 'big picture' concepts, our company would be nowhere.  I will get the math department to start calculating the dimensions of the lever.  So we are on the same page, I'll just review here:  You claim some Greek guy once stated that 'with a lever long enough I could move the world'.  This suggests that forces are constant whatever the scale.  You could implement a series of gears to do the work of the lever in a smaller space, but the lever would be visually more simple, and provide copious space for our logo.  We might have to come up with a new material or structure for a lever that big.  Any ideas on the fulcrum?  Off the top of my head, I was thinking we could use the moon.  What do you think?  We'll have to wait a bit for the calculations to come back in any case, so in the meantime, thanks for the suggestion, and keep smiling!

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This corporate memo issued on: November 14, 1999.

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