Memo- Voided BPL Stock Certificates

BPL Headquarters, Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York, USA
Office Of Voided Documents, Department Of Artificial Aspects, Marketing Section, Propaganda Division

20 March, 2008

***********************M E M O R A N D U M***********************

    The Enclosed Brower Propulsion Laboratory Stock Certificate has been declared 'Null and Void' by this office for the purposes of flashing it around and trying to seduce prospective investors.  It should be pointed out that, due to the unique nature of Brower Propulsion Laboratory's Corporate Structure, this document loses none of its intrinsic value despite its nullification.  In fact, to date, as this is the only 'Null and Void' document in the entire BPL Filing System, it is unique, and therefore a teeny bit more valuable than its "fully valid" counterparts.  Collectors of such ephemera as 'double minted coins' and 'Inverted Jenny' stamps should be expected to greedily paw at this singular piece of history.

    Speaking of which, the intended purpose of the document, alluded to earlier, is to provide physical evidence of the possession of shares in this recently incorporated aerospace manufacturing company.  New owners of shares of BPL will gain membership to a burgeoning American Elite.  They will not be subjected to the traditional tedium of following their stock's value over time; nor will they have to worry about making decisions and voting for or against plans concerning the Company's future.  Because the Company is incorporated under its own laws (see mention of Soloanthropy in the Brower Propulsion Laboratory Corporate Philosophy-Doc# BPL-05607), it doesn't have to answer to external regulations.  Moreover, the company hasn't really got any profit motive, employees, or tangible capital, other than some funny gadgets and a 1978 Mercedes 300 Deisel.  In essence, you get what you pay for, an unprecedented phenomenon in American investment.  Because of this innovation, just one of many to BPL's credit, Company profits will always increase, and investor risk never will.  This worry - free kind of investment may indeed someday become the standard by which all American companies are judged.
    Brower Propulsion Laboratory stock is fully guaranteed for the life of the investment and can be exchanged at any time for more stock.  There is no limit to the number of shares that can be purchased, although investors must submit to having their contact information entered into BPL's Stock Ledger, held at BPL Headquarters.  Price of stock varies; its value does not.